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Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (LPBI) Group

Reporter: Venkat Karra, Ph.D.

Researchers at Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) have developed a miniaturized biochip that promises to boost the development of more effective cancer drugs.

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research said on Wednesday that its research into the effect of drugs on cancer stem cells (CSCs) would shed light on cells that are resistant to drugs, local TV Channel NewsAsia reported.

It also explained how the technology works on CSCs, which form a small and distinct class of cancer cells in a tumor.

CSCs are more resistant to chemotherapy and if they are not eradicated, CSCs can repopulate the tumor and lead to cancer recurrence. It is therefore important for researchers to understand the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs against CSCs.

However, CSCs are scarce, making up about 1 percent of cancer cells.

This hampers studies using conventional drug screening methods, which require large sample volumes and are…

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