Activate Natural Killer Cells to fight against Cancer Cells in a More Natural Way.


But how?. Dr. Mini Rao, a psychologist who practises out of Chennai, India, has the answer. She says that “Science has worked for years to find out what keeps humans happy and satisfied. Happy people make a happy world. And happiness cannot be bought. It is a feeling that is triggered by the ‘happy hormones’ or endorphins which are, “natural hormones that your brain releases when you are relaxed, like after a great meal, a good workout or a good laugh”.

Endorphins, an endogenous morphine discovered in our brain,  activate natural killer cells that fight against diseases, eliminating harmful cells before they have had a chance to attack. And this includes obliterating cancer cells. There are no medicines which contain endorphins. They cannot be bought. They can only be got through your own efforts like exercise and good times with family and friends, she says.

So, spend about 30 minutes of working out and be happy and keep every one happy around you, have great times with family and friends and live long and help those in need indeed.

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