Whole Genome Analysis…Interested?…then preserve your elders DNA as well

· TGI - Omics Medicine

Based on a large cohort of monozygotic twins, Roberts et al. (2012) estimated the maximum capacity of whole-genome sequencing to identify individuals at clinically significant risks for 24 different diseases. They concluded that the predictive value of this approach would be small and that the total risk for acquiring the disease in an individual testing negative would be similar to that of the general population. This study has important implications for consumers and suggests that family history is still very informative and cannot be replaced by genome analysis. However, with the lowering price of DNA sequencing a growing number of people will be interested in having their own genome sequenced. It is anticipated that this procedure will disclose novel mutations and variants raising significant problems in interpreting results, defining prognosis and increasing the complexity of genetic counseling. Meanwhile improvement in DNA technology is increasingly identifying unexpected novel mutations responsible for Mendelian disorders in asymptomatic persons and raising anxiety because of their still unknown consequences in health. We suggest that in such cases valuable information may be obtained by comparing their genome with those from older relatives. In addition to the family history, keeping the DNA of parents and grandparents could be very informative for those interested in their genome sequencing.



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