Extended Unemployment Could Cause CANCER and Other Diseases

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English: US Whig poster showing unemployment i...

English: US Whig poster showing unemployment in 1837 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recent article in NYTimes, says some cases of unemployment victims could also become victims of Cancer.It says “Joblessness is also associated with some serious illnesses, although the causal links are poorly understood. Studies have found strong links between unemployment and cancer, with unemployed men facing a 25 percent higher risk of dying of the disease. Similarly higher risks have been found for heart disease and psychiatric problems”.



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  1. Venkat Karra

    Yes, indeed. It is important to keep oneself busy especially during the period of unemployment. In fact, I would suggest people to consider short unemployemnt period as an opportunity to relax for a few days or even few weeks, recognize the inner talent / interests, nurture them (thru self study or by joining professional courses, activities etc.) while continuously making afforts to take up new assignment elsewhere. This approach will have a very beneficial effect on every front.


  2. The MBA Job Hunter

    I’m convinced a lot of today’s diseases emanate from negative attitudes, and it’s easy to become pessimistic when you’re unemployed. On the other hand, I read somewhere that positive thinking can actually boost one’s immune system.


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