Love and Affection Matters


(More) Love and Affection

(More) Love and Affection (Photo credit: Today is a good day)

We all believe that CANCER is a dreaded disease, although some of the cancers are deadly for example Pancreatic Cancer  which is the deadliest diseases with a survival rate of only about 4%.  Almost in all the cancer cases it is not noticed till the final stage. If we look at the causes, apart from the genetic factors (that is minimum), majority cancer cases appear to be because of OBESITY and SMOKING etc. Genetic factor is not yet in our hands completely, but control on diet, smoking and alcohol habits.

Another major contributor it seems is POLLUTION (air, water, food). I think there is a lot of room here to bring changes if there is WILL at individuals level and at the governments level.

As far the patient care is concerned, there are five important points one needs to observe, I believe, when we are dealing with a Cancer patient:

1. Life is nothing but a project – where there is a beginning there will be an end . So this is also not yet in our control.

2. Desire to live – certainly needed as it will raise the will power (or vital force).

3. LOVE & AFFECTION – from the immediate members of the family, friends, caretaker, physicians, nurses etc.

4. Food and nutrition – good nutritious food is mandatory. I do not think anywhere in the world people would deny this especially to a cancer patient.

5. Medication – this is the physicians role, though awareness on the subject matter will help,  to find out the best available treatment to their patients.

If we carefully observe the above five, it is very obvious that point 3 is the major contributing factor (while at the same time controlling the causation factors like  diet, smoking, passive-smoking, alcohol, infections, pollution in general etc.) for speedy recovery and all the medication to help the patient out. Factor three is the major contributing factor for a cancer patient to survive as it will strengthen the ‘desire to live’ which in turn will boost the vital force and strengthen immunity to fight against the internal enemy and the end result could be the high survival rate.

That look of Love

That look of Love (Photo credit: Donald Lee Pardue)

Therefore, the message is:






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