“Health is Mother of All Prosperity”

Article with a title “Capitalists And Other Psychopaths“, and the references there in, written by William Deresiewicz and published online in NYtimes on May 12, 2012  and the study published by Paul K. Piff in PNAS, with a title “Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior” were very interesting from Human Mind and Behaviour point of view.

English: One of the finest forms of creations ...

English: One of the finest forms of creations of nature,where the equilibrium between the sky and water exists,and make a natural harmony,on which people can understand the values of life..by submerging themselves into the vastness of that showering orange beams of the supreme magentic power(sun),the ultimate power of all sources,coexist and refreshes human mind and their activities…. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Primarily people behave in a way they behave and why they behave in a way they behave is near to impossible even to guess unless we know the root-cause (both external and internal). As far my understanding goes, as a scientist and as an individual, that is all natural in once point of view because we usually think ‘whatever we think and do is right’. It is probably linked to the genetics and that is where the concept of personalization or individualization will emerge. Moreover not every individual behaves in exactly the same way like the other in a similar situation/ environment or like he did in the past in a different situation/ environment (Genetics-Environment (GE) Relationship).

The Darwin concept was also based on the fact that he observed the nature and proposed a theory which can’t be denied. The NATURE and The ENVIRONMENT in which the particular individual leads life influences his/ her actions or behavior. We can’t, therefore, certainly and completely blame any individual for their actions but the surrounding environment and the demands that the individual has to meet in order to survive. It is all primarily about survival (with a hope and possibility to exceed or dominate everyone around to gratify his/her ego/pride /lust —- this could be the result once you overcome the survival phase).

This state of mind will drive the person slowly towards “Greediness” (whether the individual is rich or poor, and whether it is about money, food or any thing) the word that has been rightly used by Paul K. Piff in his post.

{It is important to understand that though the articles use phrases like “higher social class” / “Capitalists and Other Psychopaths” etc., in reality it is applicable to all regardless the social status and, what matters and what one should take into consideration is the ENVIRONMENT, in which they live and work, that probably triggers the genetics….therefore, it is about “Genetics and Environment”}

“That is why probably Greedy are very ‘Active’ in the society, very ‘Industrious’, ‘Selfish, and Discontended or ‘Unrest’.”

Once desires are fulfilled (individual is successful in his attempts) what comes next is  “The ego” which is the major culprit in human relationships and behaviors. It is like fire ready to engulf every thing that comes in its way, including the human self, if uncontrolled. One should ‘nip it in the bud’ either by themselves thru self-realization or with the help of good associates around them, good nutrition, meditation and lifestyle habits.

“If this is not addressed at the beginning or if ignored or nurtured further it may lead to so-called “Indiscrimination, Carelessness, Heedlessness, Stolid, Indifference, Apathy, Delusions and ultimately leading to destruction which is worse than Death.”

In other words,

“When a man thinks of the objects of sense (material gains, needs), attachment to them is born;

from attachment arises desire to acquire them at any cost;

from desire, if not fully gratified, arises anger;

anger causes delusion, and from delusion springs loss of memory;

loss of memory leads to the destruction of the sense of discrimination; and

because of the destruction of his sense of discrimination man perishes.”

Now the fundamental question is that “is it possible to change the above two possibilities, i.e., Greed and Destruction, and revert back to better life”?.

The sincere answer is “Yes“,

if ‘and only if’ the individual is prepared to realize the very “Purpose of Life“.

Because it is now obvious that Environment predominates over genetic factors: for example take Cancer in which the genetic factor is about five to ten percent and the rest is being influenced by the environmental factors.

‘Stay with open mind’ and ‘follow the simple tips’ mentioned below which help senses of the body to maximize the beams of “light-of-knowledge” and minimize “light-of-material”. This will be the beginning to realize the new or real world that in turn will bring the “State-of-Balance” and ”Peace and Harmony” in both the worlds (internal as well as external).

This is simply defined in medical terms as “HEALTH” which is MOTHER of ALL PROSPERITY.


Very Simple….

……….follow the old grandma rules…

………………………………………i.e., D.M.F…

…………………………………………….D = Daily Physical Activity for  5 to 10 minutes

…………………………………………….M = Meditation for about 5 to 10 minutes

……………………………………………..F = Fresh Food (Importantly INDIGENOUS)

Once DMF becomes routine in our lives, my strong belief is that rest is assured in life.



Author’s only intention is to understand the human behavior, environmental factors and finally its impact on health of any individual irrespective of the social status.



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