‘GenOMe’: Why is it so interesting and important?

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After the advent of “Genome theory” the definition of “Health and Disease” in general is no longer can be considered a complicated one and whoever defines it the ultimate meaning and purpose seems to be the same.

In simple terms ‘Health is nothing but an internal harmony with an ability to balance the external influences’ and any disturbance in that harmony may ‘dis-ease’ the organism leading to suffering and ultimately……death.

Now the question is “how to maintain that internal harmony” in order to remain healthy throughout the life.

For this to happen one need to perfectly understand

how an organism is built?

what are its requirements? and

how it functions? in order to maintain harmony so that the life can be healthy, happy, prosperous and beautiful.

We all know that the journey of life begins with a single cell in the womb of mother and then it gets evolved to 10 trillion cells or so. From these cells, formed all the internal systems to build a healthy body and mind. The entire internal system is controlled by thousands of communication channels to maintain that internal harmony. As said earlier any disturbance or deviation in that internal harmony causes ‘Distress’ to the organism, then leads to ‘Disease’ and finally ‘Death’ if not immediately addressed or restored that harmony.

In order to address the disharmony one need to first understand how that harmony is maintained and to know this, one must understand the system at Cellular level – its structure, function and the forces behind it. Unfortunately until now nobody knew (still we do not know in a true sense) who or what force is behind this single cell that has the ability to transform itself into trillions of cells until it takes a certain form and performing flawless billions of functions to maintain that harmony.

There are two plausibilities:

1. Believe in G.O.D (Generator; Operator; destroyer) – a spiritual force performing such acts for the benefit of us in the universe. Accept this, keep the faith, enjoy the life and do nothing until man perishes in one way or another.

2. Enquire about it, learn as much as possible about an organism in order to remove the suffering or to maintain health until death (which is inevitable as per the current knowledge, understanding and abilities).

Now let the enquiry begin at Cell level:

Cell is often called the building block of life. It is the smallest unit of life and it is the basic structural and functional unit of all known living organisms. Organisms can be classified as:

Unicellular – consisting of a single cell, e.g., most bacteria

Multicellular – includes plants and animals

Most plant and animal cells are between 1 and 100 µm and therefore are visible only under the microscope. Humans contain about 10 trillion cells. The cell was discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665 and the cell theory was first developed in 1839 by Matthias Jakob Schleiden and Theodor Schwann.

The Cell theory states:

that all organisms are composed of one or more cells,

that all cells come from pre-existing cells,

that vital functions of an organism occur within cells, and

that all cells contain the hereditary information necessary for regulating cell functions and for transmitting information to the next generation of cells.

Now the question is how that (hereditary) information is encoded in that small room called ‘Cell’ and passing, or capable of passing, or descending, or transmitted or transmissible naturally from parent to offspring.

We know now this is the ‘gene’ that is preserving that information and performing all these functions.

This thus makes the ‘GenOMe‘ more interesting and very important to enquire into it.

Author: Dr. Venkat S. Karra, Ph.D.

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  1. Dr abisekh

    Let us read & download about spiritual genome. Thank u.


  2. Venkat Karra

    Thank you, for the above comment. Yes, that is what the health is all about…and any disturbance or imbalance of all or any even one of the facts you mentioned above will make the individual, I believe, feel ‘not feeling well’, then slowly to full disease state and eventully to death if not restored immediately on individualization concept. Which method to adopt to restore the harmony depends on ‘who the individual is and the cause’ that need to be identified (diagnosed) and then addressed with tailored treatmet or solution. I will go into more details as the series of articles progress.
    You may be interested in reading the following comment and articles there in:


  3. Bhavanajagat

    DEFINITION OF HEALTH: I define the term ‘health’ not as the mere absence of disease, but, as the complete physical, mental, social, moral, and spiritual well-being of man in his environment and in his community. I describe Spiritualism or Spirituality as the potency that brings together the Essence and the Existence of man.


    • Dr abisekh

      Excellent. This thought is in harmony with Indian saints and yogis. Thank u.


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