Role of Mitogen Inducible Gene 6 (Mig-6) in the Regulation of Cholesterol Homeostasis and Bile Acid Synthesis



Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world [1]. Hypercholesterolemia has been recognized as a major risk factor contributing to the development of cardiovascular disease[1][2][3]. Defining the molecular mechanisms regulating cholesterol homeostasis will lead to more effective ways of treating and preventing cardiovascular disease [4].

Cholesterol is essential for life and plays an important role in mammalian cells. Under normal physiological conditions, cholesterol input is equal to its output [5]. Multiple, tightly coordinated processes are involved in the maintenance of cholesterol homeostasis. Disruption of these processes leads to an increase in cholesterol levels and eventually causes the development of cardiovascular disease [3][4][5].

Bile acids are amphipathic molecules synthesized from cholesterol in the liver [6]. The major functions of bile acids are cholesterol elimination, lipid transport in the form of mixed micelles, and stimulation of biliary phospholipid secretion [7]. In order to accomplish these functions, bile acids are distributed via continuous enterohepatic circulation [6][7]. Disturbances in bile acid synthesis, transport, and circulation cause several metabolic diseases, such as Zellweger syndrome [7]. The identification of bile acid homeostasis regulators is critical in understanding how these processes are altered in disease states.

In the current study authors report that Mitogen Inducible Gene 6, Mig-6, is a critical regulator of bile homeostasis.






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