Six Myths about Prostate Cancer: Its prevention, diagnosis and treatment

· TGI - Cancer


Myth 1: Eating tomato-based products such as ketchup and red pasta sauce prevents prostate cancer.

Myth 2: High testosterone levels increase the risk of prostate cancer
Myth 3: Fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids – an inflammation lowering agent) decrease prostate cancer risk.
Myth 4 — Dietary supplements can prevent prostate cancer.
Myth 5 — We don’t know which prostate cancers detected by PSA (prostate-specific antigen) screening need to be treated and which ones can be left alone.
Myth 6 — Only one in 50 men diagnosed with PSA screening benefits from treatment.







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  1. Dror Nir

    It is so unfortunate that Myth 5 and Myth 6 are today’s reality of prostate cancer management. the only way to change will be introduction of sensitive and specific systems e.g. imaging based tissue characterization combined with cancer grad specific bio-marker


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