Technology made CATLAB handy


Hiden Analytical has introduced their latest Catlab integrated microreactor/mass spectrometer system. The system is optimized for continuous quantitative real-time analysis of catalytic activity and reaction components. The close-coupled mass spectrometer samples directly from the reactor zone for fastest response and precise process characterization, providing overall response times of less than 0.5 sec and with data accumulation rates at up to 500 data points per second.

The new system features the new LabView operating program with both fully automated and manual operation. The system is fully pre-programmable with total control of temperature, temperature ramp rate, and of gas flow with up to eight gas streams.

The quartz reactor and cartridge-style sample insertion system are available with increased capacity for operation with sample volumes from 0.15 up to 2.5 mL, with the fast-response low thermal mass furnace operating to 1,000 C with ramp rates to 20 C/min.






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