The current state of Mass Spectrometry-based proteomics and its translational applications in studies of protein biomarkers

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Reported by: Dr. Venkat S. Karra, Ph.D.


FTICR Mass Spectrometer 3

MS-based proteomic measurements have been used in a wide range of biological and biomedical investigations, including analysis of cellular responses and disease-specific post-translational modifications. These studies greatly enhance our understanding of the complex and dynamic nature of the proteome in biology and disease.


Some MS techniques, such as those for targeted analysis, are being successfully applied for biomarker verification, whereas others, including global quantitative analysis (for example, for biomarker discovery), are more challenging and require further development. However, recent technological improvements in sample processing, instrumental platforms, data acquisition approaches and informatics capabilities continue to advance MS-based applications. Improving the detection of significant changes in proteins through these advances shows great promise for the discovery of improved biomarker candidates that can be verified pre-clinically using targeted measurements, and ultimately used in clinical studies – for example, for early disease diagnosis or as targets for drug development and therapeutic intervention.


Here, the authors review the current state of MS-based proteomics with regard to its advantages and current limitations, and highlighted its translational applications in studies of protein biomarkers.


Genome Med. 2012 Aug 31;4(8):63. [Epub ahead of print]







Special Thanks to Wikipedia for excellent images, links, references etc.


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