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George Bickerstaff, Founder and Chairman at The Global Leaders, says that technology and social media networks will be the next major driver of rapid change and innovation. He is of the opinion that innovation will drive through business, government, education, philanthropy, the arts and faith. Also the fact that innovation will reset the standards of living for the next century. Thus finding, fostering and launching innovation will be the next big thing and



He says that the major Drivers of Innovation are:

Improved quality, Creation of new markets, Extension of the product range, Reduced labor costs, Improved production processes, Reduced materials, Reduced environmental damage, Replacement of products/services, Reduced energy consumption, Conformance to regulations, Changes in industry structure, Changes in market structure, Local and global demographics, Changes in human perception, mood and meaning, and the last but not least available scientific knowledge.

He believes that the Sources of Innovation are Changes in industry structure, Changes in market structure, Local and global demographics, Changes in human perception, mood and meaning, and Available scientific knowledge.

It appears that Network and Teams Amplify Learning & Performance.



Click the following link to go through the excellent presentation:






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