AstraZeneca Teams with Broad on Antibacterial, Antiviral Drug Research

· TGI - Intelligence, TGI - Pathogens

Broad Institute has expertise in bacterial genomics and biochemistry and they have chemical library of about 100,000 customized molecules known as Diversity-Oriented Synthesis compounds.

Now the new development is AstraZeneca and the Broad Institute will collaborate on identifying new compounds that target bacterial and viral infections.

In a joint statement they said that the library is “designed to contain molecular shapes and structures not found anywhere else that can hit even the most challenging biological targets”.




Under the collaboration, screening and hit-to-lead efforts will be conducted at the Broad, while AstraZeneca will optimize, develop, and commercialize potential compounds.

They strongly hope and believe that this new and collaborative approaches between the two sectors will help speed the discovery and development of new treatments, particularly for antibiotic-resistant infections.

source: genomeweb







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