Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) – Carolyn McCarthy’s message


In advance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I introduced a resolution last week in order to raise awareness about and help fight a rare but extremely dangerous type of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), said Carolyn McCarthy, who is the representative of New York’s Fourth Congressional District (She was first elected in 1996).

The resolution calls upon the federal government

– to educate the public about inflammatory breast cancer, which is often misdiagnosed by patients and their doctors because of a lack of awareness of the disease.

-to call for new efforts to improve education and encourage research on the deadly disease.

She said, as a nurse I know that a big part of staying healthy and fighting a disease is having as much good information as possible. My resolution calls for greater awareness of and research on inflammatory breast cancer because that’s the first step in saving lives and helping people with this terrible disease.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC):

– is especially hard to diagnose because of its rarity – no more than five or six percent of breast cancer patients have IBC

–  its symptoms are different from those in many other types of breast cancer.

– majority of IBC cases do not present with a lump

IBC lies in sheets rather than lumps

– the disease is often not found by mammograms.

– tends to appear more often in younger women

by the time patients consult a doctor, the cancer has likely spread to other parts of the body.

Thus given the low survival rates, the aggressive nature of the disease, and the tendency towards misdiagnosis, it is critical to raise awareness and understanding of IBC.

Recommendations seem to be:

– develop informative DNA biopsy diagnostic tests.

– develop therapeutic strategies for treatment.

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  1. breast cancer ibc linked to this post.
  2. Raghu Pandurangi

    Yes, Inflammatory breast cancer adds another level of hurdle in treating the disease since many breast cancer types are already Fas resistant and are triple negative. Particularly, Fas resistance throws a big challenge in terms of inducing cell death irrespective of any therapy. It is well established clinically that patients who did not respond to Avastin, are correlated to their low baseline tumor apoptosis index while, those responded to Avastin had their baseline tumor apoptosis index above the threshold level. Hence, it was important for us to address the issue by activating the apoptosis pathway (CD 95) using novel technology ” A priori Activation of Apoptosis Pathway of Tumor” AAAPT technology. Of course, induction of apoptosis using activation strategy has to be targeted to breast cancer since ubiquitous activation of apoptosis cell death pathway may lead to excessive apoptosis in non-target sites leading to neurodegenerative diseases.

    Adding salt to injury, inflammatory ingredient surely makes it more complicated. However, we have designed apoptosis initiator to bind to inflammatory biomarkers with a bond cleavable by intracellular enzyme overexpressed by breast cancer. This kind of mix and match approach with multi-functional therapeutic molecule, hopefully addresses the multi characteristics of inflammatory breast cancer. Above all, noninvasive imaging of the very much bioamrkers of inflammation will help us to guide the course of therapy in short time. This will help drug designers to redesign the molecules considering tweaking many parameters of drug development.

    All in all, the awareness of multitude smartness of cancer cells to circumvent interventions has to be increased.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts

    Raghu Pandurangi, M.Sc.Ed; Ph.D.
    Sci-Engi-Medco Solutions Inc.
    Engineering Basic Science for Clinical Solutions.
    St Louis.


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