Neurotoxicity of fluoroquinolones (e.g., Cipro etc.) – discuss thoroughly with your physicians before consuming

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Ball-and-stick model of the ciprofloxacin zwit...

Quinalones are extremely powerful antibiotics, says Melanie Haiken, a contributor to Forbes, and these are developed to treat serious respiratory tract infections such as hospital-induced pneumonia, and other antibiotic-resistant or potentially deadly infections. Cipro received major press when it was prescribed to postal workers and the soldiers to prevent anthrax infection, she says.

Infectious disease experts consider them to be an antibiotic of last resort, to be prescribed only when first-line antibiotics such as penicillin fail to work, or in cases of extreme, life-threatening infection, or for certain bacteria known to respond best to quinalones.

However, many doctors now go to Cipro and Levaquel first, prescribing them for ear infections, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, and many other common bacterial diseases.

The most common American antibiotics in this class are Cipro (Bayer). Levaquin (Johnson & Johnson), and Avelox (Bayer) – generics are ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, and moxifloxacin, and others with the word “flox” in them.

Lots of antibiotics have side effects, but what makes quinalones so much riskier is that the side effects caused aren’t necessarily temporary; they can cause severe and permanent disability.

A few listed on the drugs’ warning labels or named in studies are:

Read the full article and comments from the victims of “flox” at: Forbes

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