Nitric Oxide nanoparticles may serve as a novel wound-healing therapy

· TGI - Health

Wound healing in an immunocompromised host is often incomplete and is a source of major concern in such conditions.  Following is the wound healing phases

In immunocompromised states wound healing can be interrupted as a result of decreased numbers of immune cells, impairing the production of effector molecules such as nitric oxide (NO).

In the current study Nitric Oxide-Nano Particles were investigated and compared to diethylenetriamine (DETA NONOate) – a topical NO-releasing platform – in an immunocompromised wound model using non-obese, diabetic, severe combined immunodeficiency mice.

NO-NP treatment accelerated wound closure as compared to controls and DETA NONOate treatment. In addition, histological assessment revealed that wounds treated with NO-NPs had less inflammation, more collagen deposition, and more blood vessel formation as compared to other groups, consistent with their previous data in immunocompetent animals. These data suggest that NO-NPs may serve as a novel wound-healing therapy in the setting of immunocompromised states associated with impaired wound healing.



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