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Multigeneration transmission of asthma risk following exposure to maternal smoke during pregnancy

This article was published in BMC Medicine.

English: Main side effects of nicotine (See Wi...

Based on the fact that approximately 250,000,000 women smoke daily world-wide, the authors have made attempts to understand whether

– the perinatal nicotineinduced asthma risk is restricted to nicotine-exposed offspring only;

– it can be transmitted to the next generation;

The authors have concluded that the pulmonary effects of nicotine exposure during pregnancy are not restricted only to the offspring of the exposed pregnancy, but are also transmitted to subsequent generation, possibly through germline epigenetic alterations.

Water Pollution with Trash Disposal of Waste a...

Water Pollution with Trash Disposal of Waste at the Garbage Beach (Photo credit:

It appears, moreover, that these data certainly set precedence for studying other such environmental toxins that might have multigenerational or transgenerational effects.

Pollution constante

Pollution constante (Photo credit: bob august)

To Read the article: Download PDF file of the article or read the abstract published in BMC Medicine

Grandma WHY did you do this to ME?

Have you inquired the impact of passive smoking during pregnancy, in case you are not an active smoker?





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