Be Happy and Live Young


A study published in the British Medical Journal, entitled “Perceived age as clinically useful biomarker of ageing: cohort study”, ventured to test the age-old clinical practice of using perceived age (how old individuals appear) in patients as part of the assessment of their health. The researchers followed 1,826 twins aged 70 and above in Denmark for a period of seven years. They found that perceived age worked as something along the lines of a ‘biological age’ and was strongly correlated with survival chances and physical and mental functioning. visit:

Other research showing that perceived age is also significantly influenced by non-genetic factors. A study published in the Oxford Journals, entitled “Influence of environmental factors on facial ageing”, found that approximately 40% of the differences seen in individuals of low and high perceived age can be due to factors such as smoking, body mass index (high BMI is indicative of good health in the elderly), socioeconomic status and various other lifestyle elements such as marital status, number of children and being free of depression and illness.

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Facial Appearance Reflects Human Familial Longevity and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Healthy Individuals

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  1. jackie

    very interesting read , it is the old nature – nurture that they taught us in school. it is amazing how different and how drastic the aging process can be on two different people or how similar given the right circumstances.


    • TGI

      Thank you Jackie for the nice comments. All the points are well taken.

      I strongly believe that

      – Individuals behavior pretty much linked to the biology and
      – the surrounding environment /circumstances influence the biology.
      – Good behavior / attitude is the product of Good Health which in turn depend upon the circumstances / environment.
      – Good health is capable of controlling biology because
      – Individuals who are able to maintain Good Health are the Happiest people
      – Happiness is the result of Good Health which in turn depends upon the surrounding environment – and this is a cyclic process.

      – Happiness is the base for Good Development (inner world as well as in the outer world).


      – if we want to see Good Development, we have to be HAPPY
      – if we want to be Happy, we have to be in Good Health
      – if we want to be in and/ or to maintain Good Health, we have to understand, establish and maintain Good Environment / Circumstances.
      – And our biology will follow accordingly

      The big question is how to Define, Understand, Establish and Serve the FACT in order to see across the Globe “Good Health-Happiness-Good Development”

      The FACT is “Good Environment”

      Define – what is Good Environment

      Understand – Understand what was Defined

      Establish – Establish what was Understood

      Serve – Serve All what was Established

      I strongly believe, these are our DUES to the Good, Happy and Healthy World


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