New Method of ‘Starving’ Cancer Cells, Leaving Healthy Cells Unharmed

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chris_proud_webChris Proud, Professor of Cellular Regulation in Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton says that they have discovered a cellular component, eEF2K, which plays a critical role in allowing cancer cells to survive nutrient starvation, whilst normal, healthy cells do not usually require eEF2K in order to survive. Therefore, they believe that “by blocking the function of eEF2K, one should be able to kill cancer cells, without harming normal, healthy cells in the process.”

The findings were recently published in the journal Cell

Traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause damage to healthy cells, he says, and other more targeted treatments are usually only effective for individual types of cancer. Contrastingly, this new development does not damage healthy cells and could also be used to treat a wide variety of different cancers. Professor Proud and the team are now working with other labs, including pharmaceutical companies, to develop and test drugs that block eEF2K, which could potentially be used to treat cancer in the future.

Professor Proud. who is also researching the origins of cancer says that “Protein synthesis is a fundamental process that enables cells to grow, divide and function. If it goes wrong, it can contribute to the development of cancer. He is focusing on understanding the protein synthesis at deeper level and see how defects in this process can cause cancers and other diseases.

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Univ. of Southampton


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  1. Alan Schmukler

    To be hopeful about this would be to ignore the fact that medical progress is based not on science, but on the politics of medicine. A number of effective cancer treatments have been developed and then suppressed over the last 50 years. The people who developed them were severly persecuted and often prosecuted. The campaign of innuendo has been so well financed, that most of you never heard of these people or beileve them to have been frauds. I give you one example (it takes just two minutes to read.) There are many others. This one is about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski:


  2. TGI

    Good luck professor, I liked the idea.

    Please advice professor, how I can contribute in your research efforts in this regard.



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