Healthy Lifestyle Is The Mantra

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Healthy Lifestyle Is THE Mantra – Deviation From It, Itself Is A Disease

Whenever there is a deviation, which happens without our complete knowledge, select an appropriate medical advice from your GP or FAMILY DOCTOR and medication JUST TO PUT YOU BACK ON TRACK.

Become aware of the deviation and self-correct it where possible to prevent it recurring and as soon as possible.

Medication is like ‘breakfast’ and can we live with ONLY eating BREAKFAST, throughout the day and every day?

The main purpose of the medication I believe is to ‘break-deviation’. Thus Healthy Lifestyle Is THE Mantra and whenever there is a deviation take the best out of the medical sciences (every system has its merits, weigh them and use it for your benefit just to put you back on track) and realize & continue with the healthy lifestyle.

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