Role of Calcitriol in Cancer-Prevention

· TGI - Cancer

Vitamin D is known to play an important role in cancer-prevention. One of the features associated with the onset of malignancy is the elevation of Cu (II) levels. The mode of cancer-prevention mediated by calcitriol, the biologically active form of vitamin D, remain largely unknown.

The current study focused on understanding the role of calcitriol, the biologically active form of Vitamin D, in cancer prevention.

Results indicate that the observed Lipid peroxidation and protein carbonylation (markers of oxidative stress), consequent DNA fragmentation and apoptosis were due to calcitriol-Cu (II) interaction. Hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anions mediate oxidative stress produced during this interaction. Amongst cellular redox active metals, copper was found to be responsible for this reaction.

And the study concludes by saying that “This is the first report implicating Cu (II) and calcitriol interaction as the cause of selective cytotoxic action of calcitriol against malignant cells.” Study demonstrates that this interaction leads to the production of oxidative stress due to free radical production and consequent DNA fragmentation, which leads to apoptosis. A putative mechanism is presented to explain this biological effect.

Read more of it at PlosOne

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