Yoga for Sleep Quality Among Cancer Survivors

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Thirty percent to 90% of cancer survivors report impaired sleep quality post-treatment, which can be severe enough to increase morbidity and mortality. Lifestyle interventions, such as exercise, are recommended in conjunction with drugs and cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of impaired sleep. Preliminary evidence indicates that yoga—a mind-body practice and form of exercise—may improve sleep among cancer survivors. The primary aim of this randomized, controlled clinical trial was to determine the efficacy of a standardized yoga intervention compared with standard care for improving global sleep quality (primary outcome) among post-treatment cancer survivors.

Yoga participants demonstrated greater improvements in global sleep quality and, secondarily, subjective sleep quality, daytime dysfunction, wake after sleep onset, sleep efficiency, and medication use at post intervention (all P ≤ .05) compared with standard care participants.

The study concluded that Yoga is a useful treatment for improving sleep quality and reducing sleep medication use among cancer survivors.

The study was published in Journal of Clinical Oncology


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