Growth – Probably – Means Cancer

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With economic growth, Cancer has become increasingly prominent as a major health problem

English: Breat Cancer ribbons

Recent study conducted in Asia assessed the means of primary and secondary prevention for

  1. cervical cancer,
  2. breast cancer,
  3. colorectal cancer, and
  4. hepatocellular cancer,

They offered the following recommendations:

for Primary Prevention…

  1. health education,
  2. lifestyle modification, and
  3. avoidance of risk factors
  4. consider giving human papillomavirus and hepatitis B vaccinations to reduce the risk of cervical and hepatocellular cancer,
  5. genetic testing to detect increased susceptibility to colorectal and breast cancer

for Secondary Prevention…

  1. effective screening for precancerous lesions or by early detection of cancer
  2. appropriate treatment protocol

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Growth May Mean Cancer

But Poverty Means Death

Economic Growth With Primary Preventive Measures In Place Is The Mantra


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  1. Carolyn Graham

    I would entirely agree with Alan. The solutions that we need can only come from a profound shift in our consciousness, one that doesn’t put money and greed over people and the precious environment, and one that seeks to honour people, that recognises the need for wholistic health, loving and respectful relationships, and a healthy environment in which they can flourish. Only a shift in humanity’s consciousness can achieve what is needed to turn the whole problem around. I have faith that this is (very) slowly happening, but in the meantime, people will suffer.

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  2. Alan Schmukler

    Cancer causes are proliferating faster than medical progress. The radiation from Fukushima is spreading all over the world. GMO foods constitute 85% of all food in the U.S. and has been linked to cancer and other disorders. The U.S. gov’t is spraying aluminum and barium in the air all over the U.S. as part of a climate control attempt. Meanwhile the pharmaceutical industry has suppressed any treatments which do not allow them to profit. Most of the solutions needed are political, but the political horizon doesn’t looks dark. Greed wins out over reason.


    • TGI

      Comments are well taken. From the medical point of view and for the discussion purpose, do you think Lyc and Sep (ref. Herring’s) will be able to bring some change (i.e., minimize greed) in the organism? while parallaly Navigating the policies’ through Negotiations.


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