GP’s Precription & Patient’s Feedback

· TGI - General

A Patient went to his GP and asked

Patient: Sir, I don’t feel well?

Doctor: What happened?

Patient: I don’t know, Sir.

Doctor: Any thing specific happened, let’s say in the past week or so?

Patient: Nothing, Sir.

Doctor: What is the problem then?

Patient: I don’t know, Sir.

Doctor: Tell me then Why you think that way that you are not feeling well?

Patient: I am not sure doctor ,Why?

Doctor: Ok, you do one thing, I will give you a prescription and report back to me in a week

Patient: Ok, Sir.

Doctor: Prescription – Rx

    1. meditate for about 5-10 minutes twice a day
    2. exercise for about 10-15 minutes twice a day
    3. avoid food that you think is junk
    4. accept food that you think is food
    5. listen to your GUT and accept what it likes to welcome
    6. listen to your GUT and reject what it rejects
    7. stop worrying about the things that you don’t have a control upon
    8. enjoy with what you have and stop complaining
    9. Turn off TV and Turn on Radio and enjoy the music of your choice
    10. Spend less time indoors and more time in the Nature.

Since the patient did not report back in a week or so, GP asked his parents after a month or so when GP met his parents in a function where the parents were busy with the fork and knife.

Doctor: How is your son doing?

Parents: We don’t know, Sir, what happened to him……?

Doctor: What do you meeean?

Parents:  Well, there is some unusual change in him since a week or so?

Doctor: Can you please explain?

Parents: Since a week,

1. he is regular to school,

2. completing his home work,

3. playing with the fellow students,

4. we hardly see him watching TV

5. regularly practicing some kind of breathing techniques or what…

6. he wants us to prepare food at home – fresh and should be served warm if not hot

Doctor: oh, let me get the dessert…

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