Healthy Holidays & Happy Prosperous New Year – 2014

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@”same diet…but…c. levels at opposite sites”

@”much of the advice…a lot like standard flight”

@”no one-size-fits-all diet” May be this is all right

 Genetics & Environment

and Synergism between the two fits tight

Too early to say, leave it to the experts anyway

I wonder why doctors used to say

When nothing helped, “Change the place” by the way

As many experts say

just a bit attention to pay

“too much salt”

too much sugar”

too much oil”

too much fry”


“too much bubbled drinks”

that often used to wash down the way”

Happy Holidays to All, and Enjoy Holidays Full

with food, family and friends you love – this certainly matters all the way

Missing all the special foods

along with all my EU & US friends and their families

Christmas season that I used to enjoy

I am truly missing this all, I don’t know why?


Once again Happy Holidays


Food for the Brain

Maybe You Really Can Blame Your Genes

DNA diets

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