Understanding the Systems Biology thru Molecular Biology – 1


Cell Structure

Cell Metabolism

Cellular Aging

Cell Diseases

Cell Death

When Cell is exposed to a toxic product or a pathogen

{this causes the internal equilibrium between the oxidants and antioxidants}

 oxygen derivatives produced in excessive quantities start to attack the cell’s proteins, sugars and its membrane

This brings about

a faster cellular aging

causes certain diseases to the cell

and may even lead to its death.


It means, the overproduction of such oxidants is a sign that the cell is stressed


 that is exactly what researchers did here

When biosensor – cytochrome c, a protein present in the cellular membrane, was exposed to certain wavelengths of light, they observed variations of light absorbed

{Cytochrome c would absorb less light when in the presence of hydrogen peroxide (oxidizing agents)}






 Everywhere Nanomaterials

{in the products we consume and in our daily environment}

 To accurately determine their toxicity

the above mentioned non-invasive optical technique was developed

to measure the light absorbed by certain proteins

Home taking from this study

* better understanding nanomaterial toxicity

* better understanding environment-dependent nanomaterial toxicity

* better understanding the way cells react to an external perturbation

Source: RDmag

Related: Sensing the dynamics of oxidative stress using enhanced absorption in protein-loaded random media

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  1. Alan V. Schmukler

    Both Nano particles and GMO’s were released into the environment without any safety testing. Neither can be “recalled”. It was obvious from the start that they could be dangerous. Nano particles go through the blood-brain barrier and they lodge in various organs. Once again, profit trumps science. The world is run, not by scientists laboring away for the betterment of mankind, but by greedy, ruthless people who seek wealth and power, and have no regard for human life.
    If scientists wish to make a positive difference in the world, they must exert political will and not just be pawns of industry.


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