2014 Re-Solutions: the year of hope, love, peace & prosperity




Patterns As Markers

The amount of currently available knowledge & understanding is vast.

Young people aged 10-24 years represent 27% of the world’s populationthe future of the healthy world. The contribution of risk factors to the global burden of disease arising in young people are neuropsychiatric disorders (45%), unintentional injuries (12%), and infectious and parasitic diseases (10%).

Our mission, to protect the young people who may turn this world into a completely Healthy World-free from disease burden-is very clear.

CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC that understanding the human biology from Pregnancy to Beyond Puberty will hopefully help achieve the above set and said mission.

Dreams: 2014 to Zero (Zero = Infinity)

(related to health)

1. Free water (about 500 liters/ day) supply to every household

2. Affordable Food & Nutrition to every citizen

3. Eradicate Poverty

4. Completely Remove slum concept & Provide Housing for All

5. Improve Public Health Care, Assure Health & Education for all

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