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TGI: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria – know the presence of ASURAS with-in

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its “landmark” report on the rising and lethal threat of antibiotic resistance, titled Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, 2013. The report describes a complex problem and the steps that must be taken to prevent catastrophic consequences. First let us look at How antibiotics act […]: Read The Full Report

TGI: Always Good To Remember

Science-based Approach Following three strategies for both cancer prevention and weight loss are similar. Strategies for Cancer Prevention: 1. Eat mostly plant-based foods, which are low in energy density 2. Be physically active 3. Maintain a healthy weight (via steps 1 and 2, as well as reducing portion size) Strategies for Weight Loss: 1. Eat […]

TGI: You Already Know How to Defeat Cancer

There are more than 100 types of Cancers. To learn about them go to: It appears that there is not much to panic, because the matter of the fact is that if we look at what causes cancer, it is very obvious that majority of the cancers are preventable. Look at WHAT CAUSES CANCER Inherited (Hereditary) – about […]

Stress and Resilence: Environment does affect Biological Tissues

Stress can alter the biology of the brain, and tip a mind into illness

Stress can alter the biology of the brain, and tip a mind into illness Especially since the explosion in Genome Science and data it has now been proved beyond doubt that, gene expression is highly dependent on what our environment throws at us. Now, the current challenge is to work out precisely how environment affects our […]

TGI: A good state of mind — that is, your happiness — affects your genes

Researchers from UCLA‘s Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology and the University of North Carolina examined how positive psychology impacts human gene expression. In the present study, the researchers drew blood samples from 80 healthy adults who were assessed for hedonic and eudaimonic well-being, as well as potentially confounding negative psychological and behavioral factors. The team used the […]

TGI: Irregular Sleep Patterns vs Desynchronised Brain Activity

Sleep deprivation can affect mood, concentration and stress levels. In extreme cases, prolonged sleep deprivation can induce hallucinations, memory loss and confusion. Scientists from the University of Bristol explored the impact of irregular sleep patterns on the brain by recording electrical brain activity in multiple brain regions during sleep. The study suggests that there is a […]

TGI: no lawyers, no arguments, no fightings – you will get your share automatically: Epigenetics

Multigeneration transmission of asthma risk following exposure to maternal smoke during pregnancy This article was published in BMC Medicine. Based on the fact that approximately 250,000,000 women smoke daily world-wide, the authors have made attempts to understand whether – the perinatal nicotineinduced asthma risk is restricted to nicotine-exposed offspring only; – it can be transmitted to the next generation; The authors have […]

The New American Plate

Science-based Approach

AICR’s expert report found that a predominantly plant-based diet – as in the New American Plate – may reduce the risk of cancer. Not only do vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other plant-based foods provide an array of cancer-protective compounds, but a predominantly plant-based diet is a powerful tool in weight management. The fiber and water in plant foods gives a feeling of fullness without supplying a lot of calories.

The Expert Report

The Report took six years to produce, and the process was transparent, objective and comprehensive. First, the global scientific literature was searched for relevant studies. Initial searches found some half a million studies, which were soon culled to 22,000. Ultimately, over 7,000 scientific studies were deemed relevant and met the report’s rigorous criteria.

These studies were independently reviewed, compiled and presented to an Expert Pane of  21 world-renowned scientists, who judged the accumulated evidence and developed 10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention.


Please be advised that each individual is unique and each individual case is unique and there are many factors (weather, cultures, regions, diseases etc.) that need to be taken into consideration when recommending a diet to the given patient or an individual. Therefore, always remember to consult your doctor before adopting any diet practices. Food in general is a very sensitive subject and all of us are emotionally attached to it. Food in a way, we believe, is an identity. There appear to be a strong link between food-land-culture. It is important to understand that for total well-being, food is just one of the contributing factors but certainly not every thing. It is highly impossible we believe to design a perfect diet program that is suitable to all. Voluminous material indicates  that One-size-fits-all is not the case here as well.

Charaka Samhita says The disciplined man who takes a wholesome diet lives for a hundred years, blessed by good men and free from disease“.It means that we already knew then the secrets of maintaining good health and we believe it is certainly not a 20th century discovery except the fact that it is only re-visiting and re-confirming again and again and again which is appreciable.

This is why probably it is said that one should continuously explore “The Field” i.e., human biology/ medical science to expand our knowledge and understanding in order to maintain our biology in perfect harmony. Maintaining the biology in perfect harmony is fundamental to live in present (consciousness at material level). The continuous efforts of our scientific community and the individual contributors alike for our total well-being are highly appreciated because that prepares the platform-the perfect health (free from desire, anger, rage, insecurity, fear, anxiety etc)- on which one can make an effort through self-realization (consciousness at spiritual level) to liberate oneself (the soul) from the material to re-join the source where it come from.

{Charaka Samhita  is an early text on Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine). It is one of the foundational texts of this field dating to the early centuries of the Common Era}.


*The recommendations related to food presented in the Best Advice above are the recommendations from the expert committee that had gone through thousands of relevant studies before making those recommendations which can’t be simply ignored. Moreover appreciable that they are in line with the traditional approaches mentioned in Charaka Samhita etc.


Contents of the posts are continuously updated/modified because knowledge is unlimited and learning is a continuous process, it never ends suggesting “Man Is A Continuous Learner”. Therefore none of the info on TGI can be considered as medical advice. Always remember to consult your GP in the first place.

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