Fight against Filariasis is also a fight against poverty


Filariasis is a parasitic infectious tropical disease caused by thread like filarial nematodes. These worms occupy the lymph nodes and in chronic cases they lead to the disease “elephantiasis.” Over 120 million people have already been affected by it, and 40 million are seriously disfigured by this disease. These parasites in human, adopt numerous strategies to hamper the host immune system which can facilitate its survival. The ability of the parasite to modulate the host immune system is a concept which explains the versatility of human filarial parasites. One such interesting concept to understand is the secretion of protease inhibitors by filarial parasites. Recently, an Aspin from parasite Brugia malayi was identified and the recombinant protein was biochemically characterized. Aspins get fast gaining importance in the fields like medicine, agriculture and biotechnology. Hence, in this study, the inhibition ability of filarial Aspin against human aspartic proteases is attempted from structural biology point of view. This new knowledge may contribute to a better overall understanding of the mechanism that explains the versatility of human filarial parasite. Since filariasis is more often considered as the disease of poor countries, fight against filariasis is also a fight against poverty.

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