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Searching for food in a garbage disposal

Searching for food in a garbage disposal

Public hygiene and Personal hygiene are absolutely fundamental to the Economic hygiene. A nation’s economic growth directly depends on the good public health policies, true execution and maintenance of good health at country level and its constituents’ level.

Poor understanding of these facts and, inequalities and gross negligence in executing the established good health policies at any and every level in the society directly impact the health at the country level and its constituents’ level.

Indian Scenario: For example,

In India, simple curable communicable diseases like respiratory infections, asthma, diarrhea, dysentery etc., are still prevalent due to the lack of public and personal health awareness and also more importantly awareness about its direct relevance to the economic growth at country and constituents’ level.

These communicable diseases are largely preventable especially in correcting the systems like drinking water, sanitary conditions and public sewerage lines which certainly deserve a separate post to understand fully the gravity of the situation on health and economy in India.

Some facts:

  1. Cancer claims about half a million lives per year
  2. Tuberculosis claims about half a million cases annually
  3. Malaria still claims around 2 million cases annually.
  4. Tobacco contributes about 50% of the cancer burden
  5. Alcohol consumption shattering many lives and families and adding fuel to the disease burden.
  6. ORS (Oral Re-hydration Solution) is presently administered in about 30% of cases only.
  7. Diseases like Encephalitis, Kala Azar, Dengue, Malaria, Leptospirosis are far from being eradicated.
  8. About 626 million people practicing open defecation, a serious public health concern.
  9. Last but not least, infant mortality (IMR) and maternal mortality (MMR) rates, the most sensitive indicators of public health, are still high.
    1. About 2.2 million infants die annually
    2. About 550 mothers die per 100,000 live births due to pregnancy-related causes.

It is important to understand that unlike the developed nations, India did not succeed yet in preventing the preventable communicable diseases. What the reason could be? Partly or fully, is it due to the poor understanding on the “direct link between health and economy.”?

In addition to the unresolved communicable disease burden, non-communicable diseases are further adding fuel to the fire in India due to urbanization (conversion of nature into concrete jungles), life-style changes etc., which literally may mean that India and other still developing nations who are still not free from communicable diseases may likely to face very serious health economics which in turn will further impact the country’s’ economic growth.

At the same time, this can be understood both as ‘Warning’ as well as an ‘Opportunity’ to improve the public health and therefore the economy.

Following points are worth practicing at personal level:

  • Every day, clean up the mess “around your house as much as you do inside your house”. In such a case, it will take a month to realize ‘Clean India’ at physical level.
    • Swach Bharat Message by Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi was grossly and unfortunately misunderstood by the most population, especially by the colony welfare associations and the like, in this country.
  • Do not burn the collected garbage in open places (see fig 2)
  • Do not litter the roads and neighbors premises. Adopt a mechanism in your colony or area to dispose of the kitchen waste etc., e.g., Crush it and use it as natural fertilizer in your gardens.
  • Work closely with the local municipality, panchayats in regular maintenance of drainage system, road connectivity and repairs etc.

If every individual understands the importance and overall health benefits by strictly following the above points, then take it granted that more than 50% of the health concerns in this country are already well-addressed.



Please make an effort to understand that unhealthy environment will disrupt the homeostasis and corrupt, to the genetic level, the biochemical transformations in the body – a home for mind that generates thoughts. And the derailed cellular system will not cooperate with the mind that supposed to handle only the healthy thoughts.

The Mind in an unhealthy system also gets corrupted and will generate only unhealthy thoughts and that will divide the entire population on earth into two:

  1. Fittest,
  2. Weakest.

The first group will follow the Darwinian’s “Survival of the Fittest” and the second group will follow the Darwinian’s “Struggle for Existence”. The common factor that runs behind the biology in both the groups is FEAR only.

In case of ‘Fittest’, it is about ‘survival’ and sustains (i.e., fear of losing) what they already have acquired and continuously acquire more where possible.

Whereas in case of ‘Weakest’, it is about ‘struggle’ just to ‘exist’ – here there is no room for hope and happiness.

You know very well that “Fear is Death”. What you see around you are the people with “fear of examinations, fear of public, fear of poverty, fear of death, fear of failures, fear of diseases, and fear of things that they are unable to name it. So in a sense the life is with full of Fears only – the knowns and unknowns.

“Come over the Fear factor – that will strengthen your immunity – and live like a King and let others live in way you like to live.”

“REALIZE that YOU are the SUPREME”

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