256 Cr. Sanctioned towards Clean Drinking Water Supply




  • MLA of UPPAL constituency Shri N.V.S. S. Prabhakar said that 256 Cr was sanctioned for supplying water in Kapra area of Greater Hyderabad Municipality (GHMC).
  • In this, Center will share about 35% of the cost and 20% by the state government and rest by the GHMC and Water Board.
  • Circle will be divided into six zones and development work will be initiated
  • Water demand in the area is 11.5 million gallons (mlg) and the existing supply is only 9.5 mlg, however, it is promised to get 14 mlg by January 2015
  • Damaged roads due to the recent developmental works related to installing Godavari pipelines will be repaired soon.
  • He appreciated our Hon’ble PM Sri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble CM Sri. K.Chendrashekara Rao, Hon’ble Union Minister Sri. Venkaih Naidu for allocating the said funds

Appreciation by the locals:

The efforts of an young, dynamic and visionary Hon’ble MLA Sri. NVSS Prabhakar has been highly appreciated by many in the area and hoping that the everyday clean drinking water needs of the residents in the area will be resolved soon. To this end, residents also request MLA Sri. NVSS Prabhakar garu to enquire into the detrimental effects of bulk-water concepts in some of the colonies in our constituency. It is observed that in the name of bulk-water concept, residents end up paying multiple times for the same service. The involved are taking advantage of the people needs, constantly preparing various business models to squeeze money from residents and it is costing dearly, both the residents and the institutions at the same time, in terms of the relationships and in terms of money. As you remember, a representation has been given to you, sir, soon after getting elected as MLA and we very much hope that the actions will be taken, enquiries will be launched soon, in this regard as well and set the things right once for all. This will be a great help not only to those who are suffering in the colonies under the concept of bulk-water but also to the slums next to them who have absolutely no water lines till today.

Source: Andhra Jyothi

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