Part 2: A Journy into the Root of the Thought



As mentioned in part 1, mind has two qualities 1) imagination 2) recollection. Also mentioned that it may be and is possible to control speech and physical body but what about controlling the thoughts and therefore the mind?

Once we are in control of speech and physical body, the mind wakes up and becomes very active and in most cases, if not all, fall prey to imaginations and followed by, recollection of the thoughts.

When the mind wakes up and become very active, you feel more energized, you get involved in more activities, invited and otherwise, you put more stress on the system, unknowingly invite more problems, the flow of blood is hard to control and therefore the direction of further thoughts.

This process will continue as long as there is sufficient energy in the system and / or until you feel exhausted. Once that happens, when you reach the stage of exhaustion, you automatically withdraw yourself, in most cases, from such activity, imaginative / illusionary, and will start recollecting those thoughts over and over again and will become a hypochondriac (may be putting your liver, spleen, gallbladder etc. at risk). This is the point where people get depressed, develop more fear and anger, loose interest in almost everything, see frequent failures, feel hopeless and helpless, and some may even go to the extent of committing suicide and a host of health complications if somehow managed to survive.

This is why one needs to seek for a professional help,

  • A doctor in the first place, in case of stress, depression etc.,

– it is hard to accept but very true that most people fall under this category but they assume they are in the path of divinity;.

Therefore consult your GP and take psycounseling if necessary mostly to stop further damage to the system, to treat the ailments at physical level and to an extent at emotional and mind level. That is, rule out stress, depression etc., through medical counseling. It was mentioned that “Focus on Psychosomatic Disorders as part of Primary Preventive Program, because “A large number of the adult patients (10.4% – 53%) coming to the general OPD are diagnosed mentally ill”.

(It is very important to understand the health in order to make an attempt to maintain body-mind interaction. It is said by learned over and over again not to practice any technique in the name of elevating oneself which clearly suggests the importance of knowing, learning, understanding human biology, to maintain good health status-a basic minimum to seek for a way to salvation)

  • A teacher/ Guru at spiritual level, an important step/ decision not to return to the earlier state, to help you out through the transition from your interaction at external world-body into body-mind interaction is important. This help helps us to control the wavering mind and reach the state of mind that you find during the sleep mode but in a wakeful state.

Such a wakeful state helps us identify ourselves, who we are? Why we are here? What we are into? What we are supposed to…?. Some people call this self-realization, identifying the self, learning that it is nothing but “ego” (the self).

Ego is “the root of the thought” and needs check on it in order not to let the imaginations and recollections take over, and become hypochondriac (i.e., putting health of your vital organs at stake).

“Once we realize the nature and the role of ‘ego’ then we can and should make efforts to self-correct ourselves, by ignoring the imaginations and therefore the recollection of those thoughts. This in medical terms probably or could be equated to healthy functioning of liver, spleen, gallbladder etc and therefore the brain and mind, and vice versa”.

This is a two way approach, i.e., it works when our efforts are both from cell to mind and mind to cell. Either approach alone may not and will not yield desired results in quality and time.

Recently I spoke about it when I was invited to a Sunday gathering here in Hyderabad on 15th April 2014 held by a group of medical practitioners from all walks of practices and interests. It was good to note that most of the people agreed with me on the fact that there should be ‘moderation’ in our approach and consider the above mentioned “top-down” and “bottom-up” approaches simultaneously for the benefit of the society in general and the individual in particular (and therefore the society) to reach the level where you feel and experience the silence at the mind level that help purify the Ego and live in harmony, love and peace, both inside and outside, for years to come.


Harmony: sama-rasam, samarasyam, samathulyatha could be equated to balancing the endocrine system to perfectly maintain homoeostasis.

EGO: extra-governance-Ordnance, generates thoughts and makes the mind too wavering.


Note: The overwhelming response from the meeting prompted/encouraged me to share with you my understanding on “A Journey into the Root of the Thought”. I wish and hope, you too agree with this. Please share your thoughts that may help to further improve mine.



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