QbD: Bridging the gap between the academia and industry

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Last week, I had the privilege to MOTIVATE First Year M. Pharmacy students from various pharmacy colleges in a Workshop organized by RIPER and provided Hands-on Training on “Design of Experiments (DOE) and Quality by Design (QbD)” concepts. RIPER has purchased QbD software developed and marketed by a chemical engineer, Mr. K. Bhadrayya, the Director of Swaroop Tech. Apart from the above Mr. Bhadrayya was also a designer of numerous user friendly software packages which are being successfully used by top notch companies.

Investment on such technologies indicates the commitment of the management in providing quality education and hands-on training to their students. QbD concept implementation has been made mandatory since 2013 and it is “The Way to Assure Quality” Products to the end user.

In a Nutshell


Since obviously I am always more interested in understanding and filling the gap between the academia and industry, Dr. Padmanabha Reddy, Principal of the institute, was kind enough to introduce the wonderful campus and especially the laboratory settings to us. It is indeed surprising to note the management’s sincere commitment in providing hands-on training to their pharmacy students on a regular basis.

The range of instrumentation that the institute is maintaining is highly appreciable. Astonishingly, the institute is unique in maintaining SCALE-UP systems as well-may be an opportunity to the industry to get their things done in a cost effective way. Taking into the cost factor, such facilities are rarely found in an educational institution.

I must affirm that the students of RIPER are very fortunate to get hands-on training from experts in the industry.

The host of MoUs is an indication of RIPER’s strength-a strong relationship with the industry. It is an opportunity to the enthusiastic students to get to know not only the research work but also the industry oriented work.

RIPER’S commitment to provide quality education along with the quality in-house training through conferences, workshops and hosting motivational speakers is highly appreciable and unique in nature.

Students who attended the program reciprocated their interest to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit sharing my expertise with them and appreciated the spirit of the management, dedication of the teachers, professors and interest shown by the students.

Last but not least, enjoyed the hospitality and it was my first visit to that part of the country and is very memorable.

All the best and Keep up the good spirit.


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