Graphene, Platinum to treat Cancer

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“Because of our extra ability in acquiring knowledge by choice thru Scientific enquiry in understanding the mother nature led us to discover and innovate new methods, technologies, procedures, products and services to make human race more prosperous. Therefore, we have to elevate ourselves and stand tall by defeating fear thru continued interest in understanding mother nature and medical biology” … Dr. Karra V. S.


Health Governance

graphine_platinum_cancertreatmentSource: Andhra jyothi

Researchers from  Manchester have accidently found while working on targeting drug delivery therapies that Graphene, in the form of graphene oxide, and Platinum may act as Anti-Cancer agents.


Graphene oxide has the ability to penetrate into cells and during the studies it was found its ability in preventing the tumor formation.

Similarly they found Platinum* can be used to treat pancreatic cancer and especially to about 15 percent of the end stage cancer patients.

Researchers are hoping to try the new findings in treating various cancers.

*Role of platinum in treating ovarian and testicular cancers is already known. e.g., cisplatin, oxaliplatin

It is interesting to note that how nature nurtures itself, self-medicating** and stay healthy: for example

“Across the globe, monkeys have figured out remedies for common ailments, just as we have” says one article (read more)

** self-medication could be extremely dangerous in case of humans due to obvious reasons:

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