“Six Pack” program to revitalize the Nation


vsk_sun“Health for All” is an achievable target in India by minimizing disease burden through preventive health care strategy. This approach will not only reduce the health care costs but also will improve the economy not only because of reduction in health care costs but also because of increase in healthy work force.

The scenario in India is very critical compared to its Western counter parts. India is also stressed out in handling the communicable diseases, which are mostly preventable. While the developed countries were successful in preventing most of the communicable diseases, India is still struggling to overcome those difficulties to prevent the communicable diseases due to various possible reasons: for example, hygiene, literacy, policies, politics, communities, transparency, responsibility, understanding, negligence, neglect etc. Added to this are the side-effects of modernization, urbanization, changes in lifestyle and habits, least focus on personal health and more focus on illusionary success, disturbed family relationships and many more. This literally means, India is in a much more difficult situation compared to the developed nations. Mere lifestyle changes, some compromises at the food and beverage industries and their business strategies on monitory benefits will turn the already developed nations a “heaven” on earth. And the same can be true with India as well as far as ever increasing non-communicable disease burden is concerned. But India still has a long way to go as far as communicable diseases are concerned. In this regard, the following can be an “acceptable action plan” that needs an immediate attention at every level in the society and the country:

  1. Education on Simplicity, Clarity, Equality, Morality and Spirituality (understand the connectivity).
  2. Efficient public health and hygiene (people-panchayat-municipalitysynergism is key) programs to:
    1. Adopt, Implement, Practice Swachtha under “Swach Bharat” program seriously
    2. Improve and increase Primary Health Care/ Public Health Centers with adequate well trained medical staff, medicines and services and 24/7 availability.
    3. Prevent most of the communicable diseases (KEY: a, b)
    4. Improve the quality of life and therefore the further healthy thought process which will prevent the non-communicable disease burden as well.(this is not possible in the absence of a, b, c)
  3. Object Oriented Minimum Education for a living and to lead a decent life.
  4. Education to develop an interest in every individual to adopt Organic cultivation as an extracurricular activity: flowers/fruits/vegetables/paddy/coconut/wheat/pulses/other farming of interest and soil specific.
  5. Comfortable housing for all
  6. Significant Reduction in Youth unemployment: It is possible by restricting the retirement period to 58 years with a universal policy across the country and sectors. Post-retirement services from still enthusiastic contributors can be considered case-by-case basis and on temporary/honorary/adjunct/emeritus basis. (The current scenario is other way around and causing a serious damage to the economy, development, family relationships etc. to mention a few) (Note: Employees should understand that longer you stay in the job fewer the chances of your kids getting into a regular employment that forces the youth to look beyond borders for survival. The gap in terms of distance initially develops homesickness in one and depression in another and may finally lead to total destruction of relationships and therefore the development and purpose of life).

This six pack program executed-by the respective governments and departments on the basis of equality and vision, and accepted by the individuals with a pinch of wisdom-with utmost importance and seriousness will revitalize the spirit of the nation once for all, prevent both communicable and non-communicable diseases, improve the economy and therefore the “Quality of Life” of both the individuals and the nation.

What other programs/ policies you think can be added to improve the “Quality of Life” and “Quality of Economy” in this country?

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