Emphasis on Primary Health Care may mean “Creating New World Order”



“Accept the Food Worth Eating Which Uproots All Diseases”. “Longevity Lies in How Well You Control Your Breath”. “The Healing Medicine Lies in the Water You Drink”. Therefore, “Having Realized the Praiseworthy Qualities of Breath and Water, Grow Thee Fleet and Strong”       … Dr. Karra V.S.

The health ministry is expected to propose the idea to the HRD ministry during a meeting slated for later this week to make health education, focusing on tropical diseases like dengue, malaria, swine flu etc, part of the syllabus in schools as also in colleges. (Source)

I believe, as a person working independently to bringing awareness with a strong hope and action to bring changes at grass-root level, it is indeed a great move and I would encourage the idea with the following two additional suggestions:

1). HealthAPP: Awareness-Precaution-Prevention (of diseases)

  • basic information on importance of Personal and Public Hygiene
  • basic information on communicable diseases that are prevalent in India
  • basic information on non-communicable diseases and its relationship with changing lifestyle.
  • one chapter with max 2-5 pages including pictorial presentations all together would serve the purpose and anything more than that with deep information on disease biology may divert the attention.
  • quarterly visits to the nearby Primary Health Care Center and Panchayat/Municipality will help students improve their understanding in reality in terms of the facts what they have learned from the text book and the local governance and development.
  • Perfect synergism, People-Panchayat-Municipality, is vital to bring awareness and real changes at grass-root level which is the basis for any individual, especially to the NewGen whom we totally desperately depending on for a sea change in this country, to understand primarily the local governance and development.
  • Ultimately, teachers primarily and parents at home have to play the crucial role to make the above effort successful.

2). REPITION of the same chapter every year with not more than five percent increase in information until 10th standard would serve the purpose. REPITION IS KEY. This will allow all ages speak the same language as far Personal and Public Hygiene and Primary Health Care is concerned. Those interested in the biology will learn more thereafter (in and from +2).

This approach will certainly give birth to an entirely new breed with perfect understanding on local governance and development and application of this understanding for global governance and development. We have to develop leaders not just citizens, if you will. Because Leader is the one who leads life of his own and others without committing err.

If that happens, in just a decade you will see people who are more focused (Concentration), Compassionate and Conscious and lead their lives with Conscience. In other words it would strengthen the two most important behaviors which are the foundation for all the rest that follows with it:

1. Moral behavior towards others

2. Moral behavior towards oneself

Please share what other ideas/possibilities/suggestions you may have to brainstorm on for a possible inclusion to prepare a perfect curriculum.

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