‘What mind can do is beyond measure’

· Public Health & Hygiene


Source: The HinduGastroenterologist Ashwani Chopra with Rekha Lahoti, FICCI Ladies’ Organisation chairperson at an event on Friday.– Photo: By Arrangement

Can the power of mind be as effective as medicine in treating diseases? In fact, much more than most of us ever thought, feels Ashwani Chopra, eminent Delhi-based gastroenterologist and an advocate of alternate forms of treatment.

“Studies have shown that many patients who were in ICU have recovered due to social support and not because of treatment. In case of hereditary ailments too, more than smoking and lifestyle habits, it’s the lack of job satisfaction that was found to be responsible for the condition,” said Dr. Ashwini, who was giving a talk on “Healing through the Power of the Mind” at an event organised by FICCI Ladies’ Organisation (FLO).

“The body can be divided into four levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The question should be at what level it is wounded and how it should be healed. The misconception is most people think outside agents like Bacteria are single factors that cause the ailment, but human factor is more important,” he said. Mr. Chopra then went on to narrate a number of examples to prove that certain beliefs and positive outlook on life can help deal with any situation arising out of even terminal diseases. “I observed a commonality in a number of exceptional patients who could successfully fight serious ailments. They had the ability to express anger instead of bottling up and that helped them,” he said. Mr. Chopra then elaborated on the findings of Placebo effect or fake treatments, importance of hypnosis, Theory of Neuroplasticity and visualisation therapy. Earlier, Rekha Lahoti, Chairperson of FLO, briefed the participants on the number of social initiatives being taken up by the organisation this year.


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