India: Making efforts to take the traditional practice to every village and Public Health Centers

· TGI - Health

Mr. Naik, the Union Minister of AYUSH said that though AYUSH cannot act as a substitute to Allopathy but it can supplement it by the way of promoting healthy lifestyle among people.” Thus the medicinal practices under AYUSH and Allopathy can be used parallel for setting-up better healthcare facilities in the country, the minister said.

Speaking on the expansion of yoga and ayurveda at the grassroot level, the minister said that the government plans to take the traditional practice to every village and will post ayurvedic doctors at the primary health centers in rural areas. “Our mission is to build one AYUSH hospital in each district so that people can take the benefits of traditional medicines. Also, I have written to the Prime Minister to post ayurvedic doctors at primary health centers in villages where allopathic doctors are not available,” he said.



TGI – appreciations/ recommendations/ suggestions:

Very appreciable effort. Brainstorm on effects of Twice or at least once a year panchakarma (or simplified, robust version of the same) and recommend and encourage if found positive. Efforts should be made and resources should be reshuffled, reorganized so that everyone without exception in the area could afford it.

This in itself a great service to man kind, I believe and will hopefully prevent a host of diseases and will keep the nation healthy in the first place at grassroots level. Its the time to rebuild the nation once again and every bit of effort from every corner counts, I believe.

Regular housecleaning and twice or once a year overall servicing (not over oiling) could add healthy years to life and healthy living to years.

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