About TGI

  1. The Global Innovations (TGI) is to focus on intelligence related to research, innovation, treatment and service primarily in the pharmaceutical & health care world.
  2. Mission is to connect like-minded across the continents; share information, knowledge and insights; and save lives and families across the globe and help them evolve in health and spirit.
  3. Focus to contribute continuously for the well-being of needy, because we believe HEALTH IS PROSPERITY…therefore, Thrive Health.



The Global Innovations (TGI) To Thrive Health


As part of our social responsibility, making an attempt to understand Cancer disease, treatment possibilities and service to needy. Independently began this journey in 2005.

Also making an effort to understand ‘Health and Disease‘ at and from Gestation period itself with a hope to see an absolutely new healthy world…Is it possible?, Well, cautiously optimistic. Lets make an effort together to integrate diverse scientific disciplines.

This platform is intended to achieve the cross-disciplinary approach – Biology as a System – primarily to understand the subnanoscopic elements of cells, and how all of those elements relate to one another and control functions in Health and Disease, – The Global R&D Integration for better tomorrow”

Dr. Karra has been making an effort to understand Cancer, Causes, and possible preventive measures, if any. He began his research study independently in 2005, exploring the nature and making an attempt to “Prevent What Is Preventable” – PRE-Cancer


Dr. Karra is convinced that more than 90% of cancers are sporadic and, therefore, may be preventable. While making an effort to identifying a new molecule, considerable time is spent on cancer prevention to protect health from cancer causing environment/ habits. It certainly requires integration of people and also knowledge from all aspects of medicine, health, habits and outcomes relative to cancer.

He was previously working for companies like Sanofi pharmaceuticals in Europe and USA on various discovery projects including CNS and Cancer. Since the death of his mother, who died of cancer, he became more interested in learning more about this dreaded disease and possible preventive measures and treatment options. Though the decision was an emotional one by giving up all the luxurious life and the wonderful work he is involved in at the industry, he is satisfied when his efforts were recognized by CancerRadio, USA in December 2013


And recently by the Advanced Center for Treatment, Research, Education in Cancer (ACTREC), Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, October 16, 2014. This was an opportunity to conclude his a decade long inquiry into “What Actually Causes Cancer“.  

Health Governance_CancerPrevention



Focus will be on the following

  • Primary Prevention & Health Education (medical camps, presentations to bring awareness)
  • Primary Health Care (e.g., Consultations and medical camps thru practitioners panel)
  • Secondary Prevention – Detection & Molecular Diagnosis (thru established practitioners panel)
  • Tertiary Prevention – Comprehensive Therapy & Pain Management thru Panel Recommendations
  • Research Study – search for new entities and repositioning drugs
  • Establish an Integrated Institute of Medical Sciences (Prevention, Research, Education, Treatment and Cure)



Dr. VS Karra,

R&D Scientist

Motivational Speaker

A Freelance Writer – The Global Innovations, Health Governance, LinkedIn

Integrated Global R&D

e-mail: preventivecatalyst@gmail.com




We started this blog with good intentions to SHARE, to BRING AWARENESS, and to SAVE A LIFE. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purpose only. Please consult your physician before taking any decision. The author and the institutions and organizations he is affiliated to make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, correctness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. This site has been designed with the greatest possible care. However, TGI does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of information shared. TGI reserves the right to change or add to the information made available on its site, at any time and without prior notification. In this process if we happened to commit any errors/mistakes in posting or sharing any information, please feel free to contact us immediately so that the contents will be rectified accordingly.   We tend to use same titles/ contents because of aptness, to maintain the writers thoughts intact etc, if you have any objections towards titles/contents etc, please contact us immediately to re-write the titles etc. We make sure all your work is acknowledged with direct links, however if happened to forgot while posting, as it could happen sometimes, please drop a line and will  be corrected immediately. We certainly appreciate your time in sharing the knowledge and any advises to improve the site for the benefit of the everyone. The bottom line is “Share the Knowledge and Save a Life”.

Special Thanks to Wikipedia and other Social Media and Scientific Publications online for excellent news, images, links, references, articles etc.


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