Integrated Yoga

Integrated Yoga


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Yoga is a Preventive measure – more than a Corrective measure.  At the same time Hereditary (which is the result of our past deeds – Genetics) plays its role. We the higher animals, so-called humans, in the entire animal kingdom have the additional feature installed in us. It is called Intel-inside, i.e., Intellect inside. It was installed for our benefit to deliberately move away from the pain & suffering and birth/death cycles through a process of learning and controlling the mind that may be wavering due to innumerable unrealistic desires.

Realistic desires help establish the stable mind and thus practice the same till we get there (…the truth, the true happiness, happiness in the absence (any kind) of desires—a very very very long journey).

Yoga is a very powerful and dimensionless that is ever known to us. It has the ability to unite us all regardless our backgrounds, belief systems and practices to survive and sustain in this physical world and to liberate (moksha) ourselves from the unrealistic desires and finally from the desires itself.

Freedom from all desires is the first step to liberation from pain & suffering. This understanding helps to slowly realize the Self and enjoy the peace, harmony and happiness here itself.

All this is possible through regular practice of Dharma Yoga.

As it was said, it is a very very very long journey indeed. To make this very very very long journey short, we can simply inculcate the following to begin with.

👍Appreciate the every moment in/ of life.

👍Enjoy the Mutual Respect thru Mutual Sharing (thus since past several years we have been bringing awareness among all the concerned governments/authorities/public to provide amenities to its people. It’s the basic minimum.

👍It’s clear that Charities are not able to address all the needs of the people due to the complexity​ in itself. Charity is a great idea when people are in desperate need indeed, but not in everyday needs for indefinite period. Every day needs are supposed to be (should be) assured by the concerned governments/authorities like municipalities/panchayats and at the same time citizens have to reciprocate through cooperation with the local authorities and compassion towards fellow citizens.

👍Lack of cooperation, compassion and commonality affects our gene expressions, then slowly over a period of time the genes itself and finally we end up blaming hereditary or the bad genes.


Lets move beyond the physical beauty and explore the inner beauty.


The first posture in suryanamaskaras (Sun Salutations), practiced wholeheartedly, does the whole trick.  Pranamasana (Namaskar, The Prayer pose) alone is more powerful and even sufficient because this particular pose is the position of stability, tranquility and composure. It has the ability to link the soul with the source by controlling the quivering body and wandering mind.

💐 *Om Shanthi. Om Shanthi. Om Shanthi*💐


*Unrealistic Desires* : These are due to the negative effects of hereditary (Genetics of past deeds) and the surrounding existing environment (scientifically known as Epigenetics). Unrealistic Desires help you make a living and it gives you temporary gratification or false happiness which is the cause of our sorrows.

*Realistic Desires* : Realistic desires help move beyond the effects of past deeds and memories by preventing the influence of negative effects of hereditary on physical body and spiritual mind and that in turn helps to live a life in the current world and in the present moment.

*Dharma Yoga* : The word Dharma occurred to me when I was doing Sun salutations this morning and thought that why not call this Dharma Yoga. Dharma Yoga is an Integrated Yoga (the blend of Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga). Dharma Yoga helps to experience the True Happiness by preventing disease and promoting Health. Health is fundamental to experience the True Happiness. True Happiness is Brahman. This stage is called Realisation of Self that You are the creator, sustainer and destroyer. Such state of mind helps you move beyond even these three Gunas (natures) to free your self completely to experience the LOVE of AMMA. 💐🙏💐


*Dr. K V Sarma*
Author, Quality of Life by Design

M L C (Graduates) contestant 2015. Hyderabad.


💐💐💐💐 🇮🇳 *God Bless ✋ Bharat* 🇮🇳💐💐💐💐



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