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Each individual is unique and each individual case is unique and each individual demands and cravings interestingly and undoubtedly are unique. Why?. When it comes to total well being, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

One study found the following five essential elements of life:

  • Career Wellbeing: How you occupy your time/liking what you do each day

  • Social Wellbeing: Relationships and love in your life

  • Financial Wellbeing: Managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security

  • Physical Wellbeing: Good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis

  • Community Wellbeing: Engagement and involvement in the area where you live

* I usually follow the SWOT analysis because, I strongly feel it is equally applicable whether it is Health of an Organism or Health of an Organization.

As you can see in fig.2, food is just one of the contributing factors though an important one of course. It means that even if you eat the best available food in the world it appears that there is absolutely no guarantee of good health because it appears that it is not just the food prepared with the best available calculators that nourish the body but the food and the environment that connects the body and mind and balances their relationship under any stressful situation.


Moreover, food in general is a very sensitive subject and all of us are emotionally attached to it. I believe, it is our emotions (e-motions) that control our eating patterns as well. It suggests that it is not the body but something else is in control controlling our bodily requirements. I usually distance myself from sharing my views on this subject matter because this topic so integral part of our every day life and culture.

Food in a way, we believe, is an identity. There appear to be a strong link between food-land-culture. As it was said earlier, it is important to understand that for total well-being, food is just one of the contributing factors but certainly not everything. It is highly impossible we believe to design a perfect diet program that is suitable to all. Voluminous material clearly indicates that One-size-fits-all is not the case here as well. Just like an increasing demand for personalized medicine, there is, and of course there was always, an increasing demand for personalized or individualized plate. It all sometimes makes me think that, any way, what is Individualization? What constitute an individual? Is it the body and/ or the individual organs, tissues or cells? Or something else? Or the combination of known’s’ and unknown’s’, visible’s’ and invisible’s’?

But I will stick to this as always did: “The disciplined man who takes a wholesome diet lives for a hundred years, blessed by good men and free from disease“ says Charaka Samhita. Charaka Samhita is an early text on Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine). It is one of the foundational texts of this field dating to the early centuries of the Common Era.

Similar suggestions were made elsewhere (which I will share with you in a separate post) which clearly says everything in “moderation”.

It means that we already knew then the secrets of maintaining good health.

Human biology is very complex and that is why probably it is said that one should continuously explore “The Field” (i.e., human biology/ medical science) to expand our knowledge and understanding in order to maintain our biology in perfect harmony. Maintaining the biology in perfect harmony is fundamental to live in present.

The continuous efforts of our scientific community and the individual contributors alike for our total well-being are highly appreciated because that prepares the platform-the perfect health-on which one can make an effort through self-realization (consciousness at spiritual level) to liberate oneself from the material pleasures to spiritual ones (Conscience).

I personally don’t like to spend much time on this subject matter because after exclusively devoting past 9 years of my life by sacrificing my time, money, career and many more in search of causative factors of diseases and suffering my understanding as far food is concerned is very clear i.e., on this, I totally and completely depend on my WIFE: i.e., food that is…





We don’t refrigerate any cooked/prepared food except some vegetables for emergency purpose and yogurt and milk which are again for not more than 12 hours. We do consume the cooked food well within three hours after cooking. Usually this is the scenario.

“Importantly common-sense prevails and one has to listen to their body and mind than anything else”.


Following is the list (not exhaustive) of things that are part of my plate:

This is mine and just FYI but not a recommendation.

Water-Water-Water, and Walnut, Almonds, Peanuts, Pumpkin seeds (which contain good percentage of zinc too), coconut (fresh and/ or, dried – mostly unsweetened), Sea salt over table salt, Butter, Ghee, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame oil, Pulses (almost all varieties locally available), Mostly dark leafy greens and beans as well (almost all varieties locally available), Milk fresh from Farm (consume boiled milk and wholesome (same is used for making coffee/tea), Butter milk (mostly low fat) plenty especially in summer with no added sugar or salt but mint, Rice (more browny than otherwise) mostly as a filling material. This has been the case for decades, if not centuries, in our cultures and now my father is 75+, my grandfather was 92+ who died last year and his mother died in 2005 and she was 104. And both my maternal grandparents lived beyond 80. Interestingly none of them ate even onions and garlic.

Changes in air, water, soil qualities, and therefore food, and not to mention the human interference in one way or another, forces us look for a way out to more commonly use our common-sense.

I do consume mineral and vitamin supplements time to time (usually twice a month to re-catalyze ADME) to shoot  cravings down? an indication that something (mostly nutrients?) needs refilling?. Pl. share your thoughts. I do sometimes, in an unavoidable situation etc., do sacrifice my GIT to fast food, superfast food etc., that indeed help realize the deviation and importance of the Food.

Regarding food and digestion, my recent visit to an international school was very useful and informative…following is what I have learned from.




Coming to Cravings…what interests me most is not just food as such but cravings which are unique too to the individual in a given time and space. Understanding cravings would probably help design better tailor-made solutions. Please feel free to share your thoughts, knowledge and information on cravings and the related disease conditions, brain chemistry, imbalances in neurotransmitters and possible solutions.


Searching for food in a garbage disposal

People searching for food in a garbage disposal

“Sometimes wonder, many in the world are struggling for a piece of bread a day (or even weeks) and what this topic really makes any difference in their lives?


Care for…by Sharing




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