•  Low Temperature Coupling of Methane, Catalysis Reviews Science and Engineering, 38(2), 249-296, 1996. Prof. L Guczi.,  Prof. Van Santen R.A., K.V.Sarma.    IF = 6.375

This article was published online on 20 Aug 2006: follow the link below

  • Study on deuterium exchange in surface CHx species formed from methane over platinum, ruthenium and cobalt under non-oxidative conditions, L. Guczi, K.V.Sarma and L. Borko, Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters, 1999, Vol. 68, Issue 1, pp 95-104. IF = 1.104

  • Comparative study on low temperature methane activation over cobalt and ruthenium supported on Al2O3, SiO2 and Na: L. Guczi, K. V. Sarma, Zs. Koppany, R. Sundararajan, Z. Zsoldos: Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, vol. 107, p333, 1997. IF = 1.265

  • Low temperature methane activation      under non-oxidative conditions over supported ruthenium- cobalt bimetallic      catalysts, L. Guczi, K. V. Sarma, L. Borkó, Journal of Catalysis.,      167 (1997) 495. IF = 6.302

  •  Structure      and catalytic activity of Co-based bimetallic systems in NaY zeolite: Low      temperature methane activation      L. Guczi, Zs. Koppány, K. V. Sarma, L. Borkó, I. Kiricsi, Studies in Surface Science and      Catalysis, (Eds.: H. Chon, S.-K. Ihm and Y. S. Uh), Elsevier      Sci. Publ. Co., Amsterdam, 105,      1997, p. 861-868. IF = 1.265

  • Non-oxidative methane coupling over Co-Pt/ NaY bimetallic catalysts, L. Guczi, K.V. Sarma, L. Borko, Catal. Lett., 39,(1996).43. IF = 2.244

  • Drug Development Process – Analytical Perspective, V. S. Karra, Ph.D., Shankar Iyer, Ph.D., Vijay Tamara, Ph.D., American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, vol. 6, No.8, page 21, 2003
  • Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. László Guczi: To read “The achievements of Professor László Guczi” follow the link:



  1. Identification & Characterization of New Synthetic Impurities in (Cancer projects) SSR250411, SSR180575, SSR149415, and SSR181507 by LCMS/MS and NMR – USA, 2001- 2003
  2. Benefits of Anchored Homogeneous Catalysts over Traditional Catalysts–France 2001
  3. Developments in C-H bond Activation, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, 1996
  4. 4th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium, Kruger Park, South Africa, 1995
  5. 11th International Zeolite Conference, 12-17 August, 1996, South Korea
  6. 14th North American Catalysis Meeting, June 11-16, 1995, Snowbird, USA
  7. 3rd Pannonian International Conference on Catalysis, Velem, Hungary, 1995


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