WELCOME to Our Scientific WebPlatform

The concept of this blog ( is “Share the Knowledge & Save a Life“. This blog is about SHARING Scientific KNOWLEDGE and bringing new developments as it is in the field to our readers. TGI covers a wide variety of topics. Lets make an effort to bridge the gap between the fields, beliefs, practices, customs, cultures, understandings and last but not the least the people. In every thing there is something that is useful to all of us to improve our years of life and life years and show in practice that we are all united and working toward a common cause that benefits all. Improve health and longevity, live in & with peace (internal and therefore external).

Knowledge is Strength (of mind) that in turn expands the intellect and by which one can stand on one’s own feet. “Stand on one’s own feet” could be translated into the term HEALTH that leads to Prosperity. Thus “Health is Prosperity”

This platform is intended to achieve the cross-disciplinary approachSystems Biology – primarily to understand subnanoscopic elements of cells, and how all of those elements relate to one another and control functions in ‘Health and Disease‘.

At present, we are focusing on “Health & Disease” from Gestational stage to Old age and “System as a Whole“, not a reductionist approach.

Whether you are a biophysicist, biochemist, chemist or biologist or bio-technologist or a pharmacist or from any other more specialized branches of physics, chemistry and biology are welcome to post your articles on this scientific platform.

Whether you are a professional or a researcher or a blogger or a doctor from any walk of medical practices or just some one who is passionate about ‘sharing the knowledge’ in the field of your interest (related to health and disease) are welcome to share your original work/ news coverage (concerned reference/source should be clearly mentioned) on this platform. Please leave no room for controversies, conspiracies,  conflicts,  jealousies, etc., because people certainly don’t have time for that to handle. Those unable to comply are welcome to unsubscribe.

Our Current focus is on:

// Disease mechanism (establish the feedback/ forward loop to break it);

// Imaging techniques

// Biomarkers

// All branches of ‘Omics

// Nanotechnology and beyond Nano

// Drug Delivery

// Formulations

// (Bio) Analytical

// Pharma and Bio-pharma Market Analysis

// Regulatory Updates

To share a guest post on this platform, please follow the following simple guidelines:

// Make sure the contents are original. It should not have been published (fully or in part) anywhere including on the internet other than your own blog or website.

// The article needs to be at least 500 words.

// The topic needs to be related to the field of ‘Health and Disease’

// Our readers are professionals and therefore quality articles/ quality comments and suggestions catering to our readers are highly appreciated.

Please send your post by e-mail ( with the following information:

Your name; Your Qualification; Your post; A link to your website/blog (if any); Link to the source, An image (if any) etc.

Thanks in advance for contributing to “The Global Innovations” Scientific Platform!

All the Best


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