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First Thing Is First

Stay Healthy (Prevention Is Better Than Cure)*


  1. Be Active, adapt smart lifestyle choices, practice Yoga (including Meditation) – 20 min/day would be ideal.
  2. Eat Healthy Diet which is indigenous, wholesome, fresh, enjoyable and hot/warm food. Eat Foods that are anti-inflammatory. Strictly avoid processed foods*.
  3. Find out ways to reduce stress (best way is, 1. Be Duty Conscious, 2. Protect Yourself from Greed).
  4. Always be in touch with your primary health care physician and consider the occasional health checkup.
  5. You Already Know How to Defeat Cancer

In a Nutshell,

Focus on

Balance & Mobility; Energy & Fatigue; Diet & Weight Loss; Exercise & Fitness; Sleep and Periodical Screening Tests (for Men & Women).


Balancing Top-Down (Mind to Body) and Bottom-Up (Body to Mind) approaches are important as there is a strong link between good mental health and good physical health, and vice versa. Depression and other mental health issues can contribute to digestive disorders, trouble sleeping, lack of energy, heart disease, and other health issues. At the same time physical injuries, infections can contribute to mental disorders.

Focus on: Anxiety, Depression, Memory Loss, Mental Health, Stress, Addiction, ADHD, Alzheimer’s & Dementia and other Psychosomatic disorders.


The human biology is complex. It is a chemical symphony played naturally based on physical laws at mathematical precision. It is designed to efficiently manage Quality of Life. However, it demands timely quality checkup and maintenance due to insults that may be physical or mental and cause dis-ease.

Pay attention to: Digestive Health, Thyroid Diseases, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Heart Medications, Stroke, Osteoporosis, and other Diseases & Conditions.


Pain begets pain, so it’s important to stop it early. Pain is part of an inflammatory condition (pain, redness, swelling, heat are collectively known as inflammation). It is mainly related to our Desires, Diet, Duty and Environment. Unchecked, pain can rob you of the ability to sleep, work, and enjoy life. It can also lead to depression and anxiety.

Focus on: Arthritis, Back Pain, Headache, Pain in Joints etc.


You Already Know How to Defeat Cancer – TGI

Cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Cancer isn’t one disease. It is many different diseases, more than 100 and counting.

Each kind of cancer is usually named for the cell type in which it begins — cancer that starts in a lung is called lung cancer; cancer that starts in pigment cells in the skin, which are known as melanocytes, is called melanoma.

When detected and treated early, cancer can often be stopped. That said, cancer is a leading cause of death and disability around the world. Examples are: Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Skin Cancer etc.

Men’s Health

Maintain Good Preventive Practices in the first place. Regular checkups and screening tests are a must.

Women’s Health

“Women have many unique health concerns because of menstrual cycles, pregnancy, Osteoporosis and menopause & climacteric during which women experiences many mood swings due to significant hormonal changes.

Regular checkups and screening tests are a must. Periodical Complete Abdominal Ultra Sound Scan is invaluable.

Self-examine breasts to rule out lump formations.

Regularly pay attention to Sexual Health and changes in menstrual cycles.

Strictly pay attention to for example:

  1. Amenorrhea-an abnormal absence of menstruation,
  2. Metrorrhagia-abnormal bleeding from the uterus,
  3. Menorrhagia-abnormally heavy bleeding at menstruation,
  4. Leucorrhoea-a whitish or yellowish discharge of mucus from the vagina,
  5. Pain and/ or burning before, during and after urination and family life.
  6. Status of Portal System and Ovaries ( to rule out PCOD: Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease)


Please Note:

*There is no one-size-fits-all approach – personalize each case and address it.

*High blood sugar is linked to the development of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and even dementia.

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